Import your taxonomy via spreadsheet upload

Usually, when importing a spreadsheet - you have the ability to import written feedback as well tags and properties associated with that feedback. While we do not directly support importing only tags and properties without feedback associated with it, you can use the spreadsheet importer to upload your taxonomy; it requires a simple step to prepare your spreadsheet before uploading.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you spreadsheet has the right format. Make a copy of this template and create your own.
  2. In your spreadsheet add the "content" column and fill all rows with anything, it can be just the word "Bananas"

Your spreadsheet should look like this:

Tag name

Property name 1

Property name 2


Tag 1

Property value 1

Property value 1


Tag 2

Property value 2

Property value 2


You can now import the spreadsheet using our importer and make sure you map each column accordingly (tag, property etc)

You can ignore the warning about the missing "created at" field - we won't need it as we will discard all of the document data in the final step.

Once the import is done, you can head to the uploads section and delete the spreadsheet that you've just imported. In the background, we will remove all of the fake feedback (documents with the word bananas for example), but keep the imported properties and tags.

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