Creating Notes in EnjoyHQ

Don't have a document for your feedback or research notes? Don't worry! Put thoughts and findings straight into EnjoyHQ, using Notes.

To create a note go to search and click on  the cloud ☁ (upload) icon. Notes can be created in the search area or within a project - in that case we will automatically add that note to your current project's inbox.

What can you do with Notes?

While creating a Note, you can:

In addition to creating and editing existing notes, feedback imported from forwarded emails, uploaded documents and imported videos can be edited in the same way. To edit a document, select "edit" option from the "Edit & More" menu:

Supported formatting

The editor supports all the standard ways of formatting content:

  • bold, italic and underscore font styles
  • nested bullet and numbered lists
  • quotes (also nested)
  • links
  • rich embeds (from YouTube, public files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Slideshare and more)
  • in-line images

You can copy and paste the content from any website or a document, and our editor will preserve as much formatting as possible.

Pasting images is coming soon!

Creating note templates

Notes can be copied, by selecting the "make copy" option from the action menu. This mechanism allows for creating note templates, which can be used for new customer interviews, session notes and so on.

How to setup note templates?

Create a new note with the following content:

Subject: User interview with ...
Content: This is an interview with a customer - please attach their details when creating a new note. Also make sure to add it to a relevant project. Your notes and quotes go here: 👇

And assign the tag "internal-template" to the note before saving it.

Now whenever a new interview happens, you can quickly filter your feedback by the internal-template tag, make a copy and start writing your notes and findings!

Notes work just like any other document, meaning - they can be added to a project, and actioned on by automation rules.

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