Creating Notes in EnjoyHQ

Don't have a document for your feedback or research notes? Don't worry! Put thoughts and findings straight into EnjoyHQ, using Notes.

To create a note go to search and click on  the cog icon. Notes can be created within a project - in that case we will automatically add that note to your current project's inbox.

What can you do with Notes?

While creating a Note, you can:

  • Assign tags and sentiment
  • Add images, videos and more
  • Add the note to a research project
  • Link it with a customer (or assign a new one)

In addition to creating and editing existing notes, feedback imported from forwarded emails, uploaded documents and imported videos can be edited in the same way. To edit a document, select "edit" option from the "more" menu:

Supported formatting

  • bold, italic and underscore font styles
  • nested bullet and numbered lists
  • quotes (also nested)
  • links
  • rich embeds (from YouTube, public files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Slideshare and more)
  • in-line images

You can copy and paste the content from any website or a document, and our editor will preserve as much formatting as possible.

Creating note templates

Notes can be copied, by selecting the "make copy" option from the more menu:

This mechanism allows for creating note templates, which can be used for new customer interviews, session notes and so on.

How to setup note templates?

Create a new note with the following content:

Subject: User interview with ...
Content: This is a interview with a customer - please attach their details when creating a new note. Also make sure to add it to a relevant project. Your notes and quotes go here: 👇

And assing the tag "internal-template" to the note before saving it.

Now whenever a new interview happens, you can quickly filter your feedback by the internal-template tag, make a copy and start writing your notes and findings!

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