Analyzing your customer feedback data

Classifying or coding your customer feedback

To get started, select the relevant part of your content (interview transcript, survey result or forwarded email) and click on the 'highlight' icon:

Once your highlight is classified - either with tags or properties the parent document will also have the same classification:

The reverse is not true: assigning a tag or a property to a document, will not assign them to the highlights created within given document. Usually it's not an issue, as highlights can be found via their parent document's tags using EnjoyHQ's search.

Viewing your highlights

Both global Search and any project's Inbox allow you to quickly see all highlights, and filter them using any available filter:


Can I overlap highlights?

Not at the moment

Can I attach video or audio clips to my highlights?

This feature is coming soon!

Can I export my highlights?

Yes - see here for more details

Can automation rules apply to highlights?

Yes, highlights are processed just like documents, as long as the rule's conditions are matching your highlights

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