Sharing your insights

EnjoyHQ offers many ways of sharing. You can share the following:

Sharing is as simple as locating the share option and grabbing the generated share link.

Currently all viewers of shared items have to be logged into EnjoyHQ. We do not support unauthenticated ("public") sharing.

Each EnjoyHQ comes with free Slack and Trello integrations which allow you to share any of the mentioned types of data directly to a Slack channel of your choice and an existing or new Trello card:

When sharing a link to any of the mentioned items, users who do not have EnjoyHQ account will be presented with a screen where they can request access. By default, this applies only to dashboards, documents and highlights.

Stories and project summaries can be shared with anybody who is already a member of your EnjoyHQ account. Read more about permissions and what is accessible by different roles.

Your colleagues who are not part of your EnjoyHQ team, will have to provide their name and email address so that they can be approved later:

Similarly, users who are assigned a read-only role can request access by visiting the same link. Collaborator and administrators will be taken directly to the shared resource.

We recommend setting up Single Sign On in your account (it's free!) - when enabled, anybody visiting a shared link will be automatically signed in via the SSO and sharing process will be greatly simplified.

Approving access

You'll be notified via email whenever access to a shared item is requested, and you'll be able to review pending access requests in the sharing section of your account:

From here, you can approve or reject access requests, as well as see all shared items.

Granting access to a person who is not a member of your EnjoyHQ team will assign them read-only permission. They will be only able to see items shared with them as well as all project summaries.

Upon approval the new team member will receive two emails:

  • one inviting them to your team
  • one confirming access to the shared item

Once the signup process is completed, shared items will be visible in the "Shared with me" area.

Disabling the request & approval flow

You can disable the need for approving access to shared documents, highlights and dashboards. When the options is disabled, all existing read-only team members will be able to view any shared item, as long as a link has been shared with them. Users who are not members of your EnjoyHQ team, will have to go through initial approval process as normal.

You can find the setting in the team management area:

Sharing verbatim feedback

Documents can be shared by selecting the "Share" option from the "More Actions" menu:

Similarly, highlights can be shared from the highlight editor:

Sharing dashboards, projects and stories

Projects and dashboards can be shared by selecting the share option found in the wrench🔧 menu inside of a given project or dashboard:

Please note that accessing project's summary page or a single story doesn't require approval - any member of your EnjoyHQ team will be able to browse and view all project summaries.

Sharing projects

By default, when a Project is shared only it's Summary will be visible to read-only users. They can comment and react to the summary but cannot see the data from the rest of project sections unless you enable access to these sections while sharing:

When enabled, read-only users will be able to view all of the data in given section, and interact with it, if appropriate:

Plan: view the plan, project description and other project information. Can comment on the plan and subscribe to project notifications

Inbox: search and view documents in the inbox

Analysis: view the analysis board and search

When the option "Show customer details" is enabled, read-only users will be able to see the name and email of the customer linked with the document, as well as see (if set up) names and email of customers in quotes embedded in the Project's Summary or Stories contained in the Project.

Granting access to all documents and highlights in your account

For some teams, it's simpler to allow anybody to view all of the documents and their highlights. Currently Read Only users cannot access the global Search area, however combining Project inbox sharing with an automation rule can provide an alternative solution.

Here's the recipe:

  • Create a project called "Global Inbox", and in its sharing settings enable Inbox access
  • While in the project's inbox create a Rule via "Automate project inbox" option found in the settings menu (identified by the 🔧 icon) with conditions of your choice, for example:

Add all documents with highlights:

Add any document:

Once the rule is created, Read Only users will be able to access all of the matching documents in the "Global Inbox" project.

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