Users and Permissions

EnjoyHQ users (or as we call them: team members) can be assigned three permission levels, or roles. You can change them by going to your team settings page and selecting an appropriate role in the user list:



Can manage any aspect of the account, invite other users and change their permissions. Administrators can also create and manage rules as wells as manage tags and properties. Admins have access to the Integrations section of EnjoyHQ and can configure and edit the workspace's integrations.


Collaborators can manage projects, search through feedback and connect integrations. They cannot create or manage: rules, templates, Integrations or create new tags and properties.

Additionally, collaborators cannot manage other users (invite, change roles etc).


By default these users can only view stories, and project reports. They can also see individual dashboards, documents and highlights, shared with them by collaborators and administrators.

Additionally, read-only users can comment on Stories and view Story connections.

Read-Only role is the default permission level when inviting new users or when a new user signs-in via Google Single Sign-on.

Here is the list of what is read-only users can see/do:

  • view the project list and individual project's reports
  • view only published stories
    • archived stories can be viewed if the read-only user is mentioned in a Story comment
  • if request & approval is enabled:
    • see a list of documents, highlights and dashboards shared with given user
  • if request & approval is disabled:
    • see a list of all shared items (projects, stories, documents, highlights and dashboards)
  • they cannot access:
    • the search area
    • access and manage rules, integrations, billing and users
    • use any of the tag and properties managers

Here's a quick screencast showing in detail what read-only users can see and access

Subscription plan allowances

Only Administrators and Collaborators count towards your subscription's user allowance. For example: if your account is charged for 6 users it means you can assign administrator or collaborator role to up to 5 users in your account. You can still add unlimited number of read-only users.

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