Uploading and transcribing videos

Uploading your videos

You can upload videos of user testing sessions and customer interviews to your EnjoyHQ account.

Optionally you can add a transcript - if you don't have it handy, EnjoyHQ can generate one for you, automatically (see below) or you can add your own later by selecting "Edit" option from the "Edit & More" menu.

Supported video formats

EnjoyHQ works with most video formats, including .mp4, .mov, .m4v and .avi. See below for more information about accepted formats. Videos can be uploaded straight from your computer as well as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.

We recommend uploading either .mov or .mp4 formats, suitable for streaming. We will notify you via email if the file that you have uploaded cannot be processed. If that happens, we recommend converting your file locally to one of the recommended formats - QuickTime player can produce acceptable .mov files.

Currently you can upload video files of up to 5GB in size. For comparison, an hour long recording of a Zoom call is usually 250MB (that's 5% of the size limit).

Working with video content

You can detach the video player so that you can read the attached content, while still having the player visible:

When editing the video's transcript, the player will detach automatically for you and become a part of the document sidebar. Cancelling editing or saving will bring back the full size player.

If you use the automated transcripton feature or provide your own transcript - you can add your own links to a particular time in the recording.

Simply start the playback. and click on the 🕒 clock icon to insert the link for the player's current time:

You can also link to a particular time in the video from within the exsting content, to do so - select the text and click on the 🕒 icon in the content editor:

Then you can add the timestamp reference:

Timestamps use a custom format, which allows for specifying the exact time of the event you want to link to. The format is as following:


where HH represents hours, MM minutes and SS seconds, all need to be input as double digits. For example:


would link to the 1st hour, 12th minute and 3rd second in the video.

Automatic transcriptions

When uploading a video you can optionally enable an option to generate automatic transcript for you video.

At the moment, only English is supported. Please let us know what other languages you'd be interested in.

If you do not request transcription when uploading the file, you can request it later once the video file is processed:

Once your video is transcribed, we will automatically add it to your upload and create timestamp links to parts of the video assigned to the given speaker:

You can use the Search and replace function to update all speaker names:

Video transcriptions and privacy

The videos are stored in a redundant storage service in both US and the EU (Ireland) to ensure availability and adequate access to the video content. All access to video files requires an active EnjoyHQ session and they cannot be viewed unless you're signed into your account.

From the privacy perspective - all videos you choose to transcribe are 100% anonymous: we use a machine learning service to transcribe the videos, so there's no human involvement during any of the video processing steps.

Embedding videos hosted in external platforms

If you are hosting your videos somewhere else and just want to embed them into your research notes or stories, you ca do that by creating note, clicking on 'embed media' icon (<>) and adding the URL of your video. EnjoyHQ support public videos on hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia and other services.

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