Multi-team Accounts

This feature is only available for accounts on the Enterprise plans

How to switch between teams?

If your account has enabled support for multiple teams, you will see an additional option in your application menu:

That menu item, tells you the team you're currently in. Clicking on that option will take you to the page, where you can switch between the teams:

From here - you can pick any of the teams linked to your account and see its data, classify it and so on.

Regardless of which team you're in - you'll be able to mention users across your account, as well as manage their permissions and invite new users (assuming you're an administrator)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the data shared between teams?

No. Both teams are completely separate, all the way down to rules, tags, properties and even integrations. The only thing that's shared are the users

  1. What happens to user roles when they switch between teams?

At the moment, users retain their roles - so if a user Jenny is a collaborator in team A, she will also be a collaborator in the team B. In other words: roles are assigned per-account, not per team.

  1. How do I invite or add users?

All methods of inviting and signing in will work as normal


  • Currently, when sharing a link with someone who has switched to another team, they will not be able to access the shared item, unless they switch back to the team to which the shared item belongs
  • At the moment, teams cannot be renamed - please reach out to us, and we can do it for you
  • Data cannot be moved or copied between teams
  • Users will retain their permissions between teams

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