We recently rebranded and some integrations may still have our old name 'NomNom'. This will change in the upcoming weeks and it will not affect in any way this integration.

Authentication: When authenticating with Twitter, please be aware that EnjoyHQ will

  • Never post anything on your behalf.
  • Only pull in public tweets, not Direct Messages.

How to connect your Twitter account

  1. Go to EnjoyHQ > Account area > Integrations and click ‘Connect Twitter’:

  2. Authorize EnjoyHQ to start importing your data.
  3. Once you have authenticated your Twitter account, you can add additional accounts that you run by simply entering the @handle.
Please only use your own Twitter handle(s) While EnjoyHQ can scrape tweets from other accounts, this skews all of the data inside EnjoyHQ. Making your insights less impactful.

When pulling data from Twitter, EnjoyHQ will ignore native retweets to avoid documents with duplicated content.

At the moment EnjoyHQ is able to fetch up to 1,000 tweets (Historic data) Soon you will be able to fetch all of your  data from Twitter! EnjoyHQ will definitely fetch new tweets generated since you connected your account.
EnjoyHQ will need a few minutes to fetch all your data. Be patient, good things come to those who wait 🙂

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