Service Level Agreements

This Service Level Agreement accompanies EnjoyHQ’s Terms Of Service, available at:

Service Level Agreement 

Target Availability – we will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the service available with an uptime of 99.5% of each calendar month.

Calculation of uptime, will not include unavailability, due to:

  • Use of the Service by Customer in a manner not authorized by this agreement
  • General Internet connectivity problems and other outside factors outside of our control
  • Customer’s equipment, software, network connection, and other infrastructure
  • Issues with/outage of 3rd party services that EnjoyHQ integrates with scheduled Maintenance

Availability can be monitored live at the public status


Scheduled Maintenance – means a routine scheduled maintenance of the Service,

we will notify all Customers at least 1 weeks in advance. Scheduled Maintenance

will not exceed 8 hours per month. EnjoyHQ typically performs Scheduled

Maintenance once every two months.

Support Response SLA


While EnjoyHQ attempts to respond to all issues in a timely manner, issues that affect our customers are dealt with depending on their priority:

Level 1 – Critical


  • The application is not reachable
  • Critical functionality not available
  • Data loss or data corruption
  • Large number of users blocked from work

Response time: up to 30 minutes.


Level 2 – Major


  • Significant performance degradation
  • Important functionality not available
  • Small number of users blocked from work

Response time: up to 3 hours.


Level 3 – Medium


  • Some system functions not available
  • Minor performance degradation
  • Small number of users impacted

Response time: up to 6 hours.


Level 4 – Low

  • Incorrect product behavior without impact
  • Product question or feature request

Response time: 2 business days.

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