Batch editing data

In the search area or in your research projects inbox, when hovering over one of the pieces of feedback in the results list, you can select it with a checkbox. From there you have multiple options available as batch operations. 

You can execute the following actions with the batch editing feature:

  1. Add selected data to a project
  2. Add a tag to a selected data set
  3. Add user properties to a data set
  4. Add document properties to a data set
  5. Add sentiment to a data set
  6. Assign multiple documents to a team member
  7. Mark group of documents as read or unread
  8. Delete a selected data set

Removing data from integrations? If the data you're deleting is coming from integrations, reconnecting the integration won't bring the data back. If you want to bring that data back - please let us know 

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