Collaborate and edit content in EnjoyHQ

Collaborating on Plans, Stories and Reports in EnjoyHQ

Invite your team to collaborate on your Project Plan, Story, or Report, and create or edit your work concurrently, in real-time. Message notifications alert you when you're entering or exiting edit mode, and when another team member begins editing alongside you. Collaborative editing is available for Admin and Collaborator users.

Find collaborator avatars in the navigation header. To see their corresponding text cursor and name, hover over their avatar.

When you finish your editing session, remember to click Finish editing. All changes made are auto-saved in real-time. If your Story is published, changes are published in real-time, too.

If you don't want to finish your editing session right away, that's ok. You can come back to it any time to finish editing. Remember to click Finish editing when done.

By default, read-only viewers can only see published Stories. If a read-only user is reading a published Plan, Story, or Report that you're editing in real-time, they'll see your changes as they happen.

Remember, enter a Story's edit mode to mark as featured and delete.
All changes are auto-saved and published as you make them. There's no need to click a button to save your changes.

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