We recently rebranded and some integrations may still have our old name 'NomNom'. This will change in the upcoming weeks and it will not affect in any way this integration.

EnjoyHQ allows you to link your customer feedback to JIRA issues.The integration is two way:

  • You can link a research project with a JIRA issue and track the progress from EnjoyHQ. The integration will synchronize issue's status whenever it changes.

  • Optionally, we can add the EnjoyHQ project linked to the linked JIRA issue so that anybody working on the issue can quickly go back to EnjoyHQ to see customer feedback collected in the linked project

Connect your JIRA integration account

JIRA Cloud only Currently we don't integrate with self-hosted JIRA. It's still in progress. If you're interested in early access to on-premise support, drop us a line.

First you need to connect your JIRA account to EnjoyHQ. You can use your own username & token if you have sufficient privileges.

Generate new JIRA API token

We use API tokens for authentication when syncing requests between JIRA and your EnjoyHQ account.

You can generate a new token in your JIRA user profile at Manage your account.

 Make sure to set sensible name for the new token (e.g. '-token') so you won't accidentally delete it in future.

Don't forget to copy your token to the clipboard before exiting the screen:

To allow full functionality the user connecting integration needs to have at least following permissions enabled in JIRA:

  • Edit issues in a project
  • Create issues in a project
  • Browse projects in which you can edit and create issues

If you do not have those permissions you can ask your Jira administrator to use his own credentials or to setup a EnjoyHQ specific user which will have those permissions enabled.

Permissions are important:  Make sure the user you'll be using can access all the JIRA projects you are planning to be linking

Connect JIRA in integrations section:

  1. If the credentials are correct and the user has sufficient permissions you should see the following screen:

Your JIRA account is now connected to EnjoyHQ!

This step is optional, you can skip to testing your integration section below.

If you skip this step the integration will only work one way You’ll be able to see JIRA issues & their statuses in EnjoyHQ projects but you won’t see the EnjoyHQ project link in your Jira issues

In order to allow a   you need to  a custom field in JIRA which will be used for the EnjoyHQ links.

To  a custom field in your Jira account go to Settings -> Issues:

Then click on "Custom fields":

Now click on "Add custom field":

For the field type, find the "URL Field" (we'll be adding  to EnjoyHQ in that field):

Finally, the name of the custom field needs to be "EnjoyHQ Link". This is becauseEnjoyHQ needs to know where to insert and look for data in Jira.This is really important in order to make sure the integration will work. is optional and can be any string:

Now you need to  add the created "Custom field" to all your JIRA projects "Default screen".In order to do this, "EnjoyHQ Link" custom field needs to be added to all edit and create issue screens.

Why? This is required due to JIRA API limitationsThe API uses the same data model setup as your UI screen setup.We can only assign EnjoyHQ links to your project's issues when the project has an available field for both Edit and Create issue.
JIRA Version Please note that since JIRA version 6.2, adding a new project no longer uses Default screen and you’ll need to add the EnjoyHQ Link custom field to the project's screens manually. You can find more at https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/creating-new-project-always-creates-a-new-issue-type-scheme-588582374.html

In order to configure your JIRA screens, in the next window select all your Default screens.In our example, these are "AK: Kanban Default Issue Screen" and "Default Screen":

Finally, ensure all your changes are saved:

Now EnjoyHQ will be able to add links to your JIRA projects and you should start seeing a "EnjoyHQ Link" field in all your issues that are linked to EnjoyHQ.

Test your integration

Now that you have connected your JIRA account to EnjoyHQ you will be able to link projects to your JIRA issues.

In order to do this, go to any EnjoyHQ project and click "Link to JIRA" button, available at the settings cog in your EnjoyHQ project:

A new modal will popup where you can select your project:

And the issue you want to link:

If you want to create a new JIRA issue, we also provide a shortcut for you. Go ahead a click “create new issue”. A new modal will appear and ask you for the issue type that you want for your new issue:

Now you can click “Create Issue” and you will be sent to a JIRA form where you can finish creating your new issue:

At EnjoyHQ side, you'll now be able to refresh your list of issues and your new issue should appear in the list.

After connecting your project with JIRA, you should see the JIRA issue information on the overview of your project in the right side:

From there you can go to your JIRA issue and if you have  integration setup you should also be able to go from JIRA back to EnjoyHQ

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