Using Rules to Automate Classification

Rules help you automate manual processes like:

  1. Assigning tags to documents and highlights
  2. Setting sentiment in documents
  3. Adding properties to documents and highlights
  4. Sending data automatically to a research project inbox
  5. Deleting documents

Let's take a look!

The rules you create can be applied to your current feedback inside EnjoyHQ & all incoming feedback, meaning that you can spend more time pulling the insights from your data, and less time organizing.

Rules can be applied when your documents or customers meet any conditions predefined by you.

  1. Create a rule by clicking on the wrench icon in your search area or in any research project.

In the project the option is called "Automate Project Inbox":

  1. Enter a query that defines the conditions your documents need to match in order to trigger an action.

  1. Select the action you want to automatically execute. Based on the query example above you may want to automatically assign a tag called "Bug reports"

  1. Name you rule, click Create and that's it! πŸ™Œ

Depending on the number of documents and highlights in your account, rules may take a couple of minutes to finish classifying existing data.

Different ways in which rules can be applied

After choosing an action you can select which documents or Β highlights will be affected by the rule:

  • "new and existing documents and highlights" - once a rule is created it will be applied to documents and highlights which already exist in your EnjoyHQ account and any new document or highlight added in the future
  • "new documents and highlights only" - a rule will be applied only to documents or highlights created after the rule was created

Deleting rules

When deleting a rule, it will undo its actions if the rule was used to assign tags or properties.

πŸ™‹ Deleting a rule which had the delete or add to project action, will not undo the changes made by that rule.

Managing rules

Once you've created a rule, you can find, edit or delete them from the Rules area in your Account Settings.

Filter by the type of rule you want to edit or delete and that's it. Your feedback will be reclassified as soon as you update your rule.

Rules query examples Here're a couple of example queries you can use to create your own rules. Simply copy and paste the query into your rule editor in advanced mode and modify it as you like. Examples

You can use rules to automatically sift through the data coming from integrations, including automatically adding app reviews to a specific project, deleting unwanted support tickets and apply classification to survey responses. Learn more here.

Happy automating!

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