Data Storage & Retention

Data storage and retention policies

By default, all your data is stored in the US region, in the public cloud managed by AWS.

As part of our enterprise plan we offer a dedicated cloud environment, fully managed by us, in the region of your choosing (region availability my vary). The dedicated environment is priced on top of the enterprise plan.

How / when is my data deleted?

To prevent accidental loss of data caused by user error certain entities are not deleted immeaditely. Specifically, feedback documents are marked for removal and are securely deleted after:

  • Two weeks if the data was deleted manually by the user
  • Two months if the data was deleted as a result of an automation rule

Other types of data stored in your account are subject to the following

  • Uploaded files (images, spreadsheets, Word documents etc) are deleted when their associated resources (projects, stories, documents) are deleted permanently
  • Customer records can be deleted either manually or via our API - in either case, data is deleted immediately when its a user-initiated action
  • Stories, Projects (along with their analysis board, plan and summary), Saved Searches, Labels, Reports and Dashboards are deleted immediately when its a user-initiated action

Cancellations / Trial Expiry

In case of cancellation or account expiring within 14 days of the trial end, we purge all your data immediately with no chance of recovery. 


All data is backed up daily, and stored in an offsite, encrypted storage. All backups are retained for a maximum of 31 days.

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