Working with presentations

You can import presentations into EnjoyHQ, in two different ways - depending on your use case.

Importing presentations as searchable documents

Before you upload your presentation file, you have to convert it to the PDF format first. That ensures that we can import the file using our document uploader.

🙋 If you're importing Google Slides presentations, via our Google Drive integration - you don't have to do anything, your file will be converted on the fly.

Once the file is imported - it can be added to a project, tagged or embedded in a story.

Due to the PDF format limitations - resulting documents cannot be highlighted.

Attaching presentations to stories

Embed presentations from cloud sources (Google Slides, Slideshare, etc)

You can embed a presentation directly, by copying its public link and adding it via "embed media" feature, found in the Story editor:

The linked presentation has to be publicly accessible, meaning that the resulting link has to be shareable with anyone. That doesn't mean that the file has to be public, i.e. indexable/discoverable by Google searches etc.

This method works also in our document editor. Learn more about embeding external content.

As Story file attachments

You can also attach your presentation file to your Story - this way it will add more context to your research story, and will serve as additional evidence. Simply click on the paperclip icon in the Story editor to get started:

As opposed to importing your file directly into EnjoyHQ - you don't have to convert your presentation file. In fact you can attach any type of a file!

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