Here’s what to expect from the UserZoom and EnjoyHQ partnership

What is going to happen to EnjoyHQ?

EnjoyHQ will continue to operate as an independent company under the umbrella of UserZoom. As part of a larger organization, we’ll have more resources to support you and help you succeed with your insights management strategy. 

What about new features?

You will see more features and improvements than ever before. The partnership with UserZoom will allow us to move faster and invest in critical areas that will help you scale your research operations. 

Will EnjoyHQ continue building integration with other platforms?

Absolutely. EnjoyHQ will remain an agnostic platform, we want to help you connect your workflows regardless of the tools you choose to use.

Are you building an integration with UserZoom?

Yes, we are! We’ll be integrating with the UserZoom platform to make it easy to bring all your videos, reports, and insights from UserZoom studies into EnjoyHQ easily. We expect to have the first version of the integration to be live in Q2 of 2021!

Does my EnjoyHQ license now include access to UserZoom?

No, this acquisition has no impact on your current contract with EnjoyHQ. Prospects or customers who express an interest in learning more about how UserZoom can expand their UX Research and insights capabilities should make an inquiry via

Does my UserZoom license now include access to EnjoyHQ?

No, this acquisition has no impact on your current contract with UserZoom. Reach out to your UserZoom sales executive if you want to learn more about EnjoyHQ capabilities.

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