Using Rules to import specific data from integrations

Rules and integrations - reacting to updates

Let's say that you want to import only Zendesk tickets or Intercom conversations with specific tags (product-feedback and product-issue).

You can create a rule with the following conditions:

And "delete" action:

You can decide to keep existing data and apply this rule only to new documents.

From now whenever a new ticket from Zendesk comes in and it it's not tagged with product-feedback or product-issue it will be deleted. However, as soon as either of the tags is added in Zendesk (by a support agent or a macro) our system will pick up that change and make that document searchable again.

You can create rules which will quickly remove unwanted feedback and make sure it's there when it changes in your sources. You can create rules like this one for any integration or source of feedback.

If you have any question on how to clean your data or automate tagging please get in touch via our live chat or via email at

Happy automating!

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