Managing customer properties

Integrations connected to EnjoyHQ will import customer feedback and any other metadata associated with it. By metadata, we mean things like customer email address, payment plans, segmentation data, product usage metrics etc.

All metadata imported into EnjoyHQ can be used as filters in your search area. This helps you create very detailed and useful search queries.

To know which user properties are available in your account, simply go to search, click on the filter PEOPLE, once selected, EnjoyHQ will display all user properties available for that user.

You can also use our API to push user properties into EnjoyHQ.

EnjoyHQ tries to match customers across multiple sources using email as the unique identifier. For example, let's say you uploaded a customer interview to EnjoyHQ and you want to make sure the interview is linked to any other feedback that customer has given you via any of your feedback sources.

All you need to do is add the email address of that customer to the customer profile and EnjoyHQ will match it for you. See an example below.

User properties are available when connecting the following integrations:

Basic user properties (name and email) are available when connecting the following integrations:

  • AskNicely
  • Wootric

You can use metadata or user properties to build customers segments or simply filter your feedback in more strategic ways. You can learn more about creating segments in EnjoyHQ here

Managing user properties

Having many user properties available in your account can help you build very useful search queries or group customers in segments. However, if you want to manage the number of properties visible in your account you can use EnjoyHQ's User Properties Manager to enable or hide imported properties in your account. You can always bring hidden properties back.

You can also managed properties created in EnjoyHQ itself. These can be renamed, deleted and you can create new properties.

Imported customer properties

Manually created customer properties

Both tables show properties only for customer profiles which are connected to at least one feedback document.

Email your Customers

EnjoyHQ makes it easy for you to email your customers, so you can keep them close to your product improvements. Just hover over the user's name the customer profile and double click on the email address. Now you can email your customers from a feedback doc.

In the people tab in search you can export the email addresses of your users. For example, you can export the email addresses of people who have reported a certain bug, so you can tell them it's been fixed.

Customer's company information

If a customer property is prefixed with company. EnjoyHQ will treat those as company properties, you can use these to describe information describing the customer's organizational unit. All properties with this prefix will be separated in the customer profile's property list and will have a company icon assigned to them.

Specifically, if you assign a property, we will use that as the customer's company name, and it will be visible in the default view in the People section.

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