Embedding content from other tools and services

When creating notes, Stories, or Project Plans & Summaries, you can use standard formatting features such as turning text into quotes, applying bold and underline styles.

Additionally, you can attach files and images to your content. Sometimes though you have to add something richer and more interactive. This is where the "embed media" tool comes into place.

For most sources, you can grab a public link and our embed tool will create a rich and interactive view of the shared item. Here's a couple of examples.


First, enable embedding in Miro: (1) then (2), then grab the link to the board:

Do not copy the embed code! EnjoyHQ only needs the board link, e.g https://miro.com/app/board/abcd_23422=/


When embedding Whimsical boards, you have to enable public access. This doesn't mean your board will be searchable in Google, but anybody with the link will be able to access it. Once that's done, grab the link and use the embed media tool:

Google G-Suite

You can embed any Google Slides presentation from Google Drive into EnjoyHQ. Shared resources can be publicly accessible (by anybody with the link) or private - however, only users logged in to their G-Suite accounts will be able to see the embedded content.

Google Docs require different steps. To embed a Google Doc document into your site, open the document. Then click Publish to the Web under the File menu. Use the Publish -> Link option, and copy the final sharing link as the embed URL.

Please keep in mind that this makes your document viewable by anybody and might be indexable by Google Search as well.

...and more

You can embed pretty much anything - including Youtube and Wistia videos, SoundCloud recordings, and others.

If a service is not supported - please reach out via the support chat and we will be more than happy to help!

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